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Member of CRI-IRC expert network

I am a consultant, means a guy who advise you on how to get more profitable in your business.

More precisely my latest position was knowledge management consultant at Ardans.

Modest but intense and interesting collaboration.

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Knowledge Management

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OK OK, I am graduated.

of course
English (in its native form, some hints of US jargon),
Spanish (hum do you know Miguel-Angel Asturias),
(not yet Catalàn, xcuse me, friends from Barcelona and Palma),
E alcune palabre Italiane

The difference between a consultant and what does your best friend, your best collegue or your boss is that their advice is free, consultancy is not.
In addition, I would prefer to advise your boss.

If you are curious about the irreducible tendency of software to be bugged, let one of my friend explain.

Being a consultant has some drawbacks, it sucks your availability. as they say in Catàlan : "Qui te el cul llogat, no seu quan vol" (1)

For several years, half my effort was spent (sold) to help companies getting ISO 9000 certificate.
French people may have a look at my (slang) introduction to this standard.

(1) French translation:

"Qui a le cul loué, ne s'assoie pas quand il veut"

English translation:

"Renting your ass, you can not sit where you want". (return).

Thanks to Professor Ràmon Puigjaner from the University of Baléaric Islands.